Friday, July 18, 2008

Adoption Update

My mother, father and younger brother are in the process of filing for family placement of our daughter. They have completed finger printing, background checks and most of the required in-home visits. Just a few more formalities and the interstate placement application process will be complete. The paperwork is then returned to California and Child Protective Services makes a recommendation to the judge. The next court date is August 11. We will be there praying that the judge will place her with family and not with a stranger.

As I mentioned in the previous post, the state of California removed Cheyenne from Grandma Jo's care as she "dared" to express an opinion as to our innocence. We get to see our daughter for one hour each week under supervision. We're glad for the time, but miss her terribly.

We're dealing with the decision to remove Cheyenne as best as we can. Laurie has been fighting depression and sleeps a lot. Please keep her in your prayers.

Additionally we owe approximately $18,000 in legal and doctors testimonial fees. Our family is doing what they can, but it has been slow going. If you can help financially with a gift of any size, it would be appreciated. If you would rather send money directly to our attorney, Kenneth Warner, please contact me at sschjolin@hotmail and I will gladly give you his address.

Please remember that donation are NOT tax deductible. We are not set up as a non-profit organization. We are simply a family asking for help with the fight to keep our daughter from being adopted out to strangers when there are several qualified family members who would love to adopt her. Thanks again. -Scott

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our Baby Is Taken Away.

On Tuesday, May 20th, the judge said she didn't believe that we were innocent and, in spite of two doctors stating that the injuries could not have been inflicted by force (as there were no signs of trauma, bruising, bone displacement, etc. and in view of the poor bone development depicted in the x-rays) Cheyenne has been taken from Grandma Jo (Laurie's Grandmother) and placed back with the presumptive adoptive (foster) family.

(Note: because Grandma Jo said that the believes that we're innocent of any wrongdoing, CPS has "concluded" that she is not capable of protecting Cheyenne and would not act in "her best interests.")

CPS continues on its course of adopting our Cheyenne out to total strangers. In closing arguments, the attorney appointed for Cheyenne said that we came from a family of liars that couldn't be trusted to take care of her. This, after putting only two of our relatives on the stand. They did their best to answer detailed questions about dates and events. Although they did not know what the line of questioning would be, they did the best they could. They had no preparation and made some mistakes in dates as they didn't have their datebooks or computers with them. Apparently those errors label us all as a "family of liars."

As an aside; n September 14, 2007 the judge ordered CPS to place our daughter with a family member. It took until early January for them to comply with the judges order. Come to find out that the placement with Grandma Jo was not a placement at all, but an "extend visit." All the judge would say was that she was "disappointed" with them. If we had circumvented the judges order, I think she would have been more than a little disappointed with us.

The judge did explicitly order CPS to try to place Cheyenne with extended family. (We'll see if they follow this directive better than the last one.) At this time my father, mother and older brother are all beginning the adoption process. We are praying that one of them will prove acceptable to CPS.

It's hard not to be skeptical and jaded as CPS has twisted so much of what we've said; left out important evidence for our defense and, in some cases, outright lied. However in the state of California, it is not permitted to sue CPS workers, even if they perjure themselves. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

We know adoption proceedings will place a heavy financial burden on our family members trying to adopt Cheyenne, but we have to try everything possible. We've already spent over $30,000 in legal fees, and owe several thousand more, but to no avail. Now we're starting a new battle.

Each family member is supposed to come to California EACH WEEK for a visit, so show that they are serious. My mother lives in Arizona, my father is in Colorado and my older brother lives in Texas. The cost of these trips is in addition to legal and adoption fees.

Please continue to pray for us and for our family, and especially for Cheyenne. While we think that the foster/adoptive parents believe they are doing the right thing, we desperately want to keep our daughter in our family. We love her and would NEVER intentionally hurt her.

If you can help us financially, we will use all money received to facilitate Cheyenne's adoption by family. Just click on the PayPal link on the top of the page.

Thank you again for your prayers and support. The battle isn't over yet.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Doctors Can't Agree

We went to court again yesterday to determine our parental rights. However it seems that even the Doctors can't (or won't) agree on the diagnosis. The state's doctor said our Pediatric radiologist (who is the department head) "has no idea what she is talking about." Another doctor said that Cheyenne "may" have had rickets, but has "outgrown" it. As a result, we must now pay for yet another doctor's opinion at the cost of $650/hr. Another hearing was scheduled for early March.

CPS has decided not to give Grandma Jo (Laurie's grandmother and Cheyenne's current custodian) the right to "supervise" our visits. So while she is with family, CPS is effectively denying us the right to see her without "authorized" supervision.

Additionally they have accused both of us of missing several mandatory drug testing appointments. Fortunately we have kept all testing paperwork and can prove that we only missed one. That was because the paperwork ordering us to test arrived the afternoon the first test was scheduled.

We want to thank everyone who has donated to our cause. All money received goes to pay legal fees or medical tests needed to prove our innocence and get Cheyenne back home with us. Please tell your friends about us and let them know that it can happen to anyone. Every dollar helps.

Thanks again. - Scott

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Good News!

After many setbacks, frustrations and tears, we finally have some good news to report. After several court dates where CPS did nothing more than stall, the judge ordered that Cheyenne be placed (temporarily) with Laurie's Grandmother. We are SO RELIEVED!

Originally, CPS was trying to bypass family reunification and adopt Cheyenne out. They tried their best at bad-mouthing both Scott and Laurie, but each time their attorney asked what proof they could present, and they had none. Only empty accusations. The judge even commented on the apparent vindictiveness of the CPS representatives saying she couldn't understand their reasoning. Even after Laurie's Grandmother was cleared for foster care, they still fought family placement while spouting empty accusations. In the end, the judge reiterated there was no proof of their allegations, and granted family placement. PRAISE GOD!

There are still numerous hurdles we must clear, but we are encouraged. Please keep us in your prayers and ask your friends to pray for us too. The legal expenses have topped $20,000. If there is anything at all you can do to help financially, we would be eternally grateful.

Thank you again for caring, praying and supporting us. You are appreciated!!!

Perry (Scott's father)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Today we received confirmation of Cheyenne's bone disorder from a pediatric radiologist. In her report she says that the injuries could NOT have occurred from trauma, either accidental or intentional. They are consistent with a bone disorder. The fractures occurred because of the weakened condition of the bones. Here is a quote from her report...

The transverse lucency without change in the bone alignment is biomechanically impossible to explain with trauma, accidental or non-accidental. Infant bones are not as rigid as adult bones and will bow and splinter with trauma much like a green twig when bent (this is where the term “greenstick fracture” arose.) A clean transverse fracture through an infant’s bones requires a significant blow to produce. This type of trauma leads to angulation or displacement of the two fracture fragments with respect to each other. A transverse “fracture” without angulation or displacement of the bone (and in this case complete preservation of the bone alignment) is most likely a surgically produced osteotomy or a pseudofracture from underlying metabolic bone disease.

She cited four other conditions that support bone disease and nothing to support the CPS claim of child abuse. We go to court tomorrow to present this to the judge and to CPS. We'll let you know how it turns out. Please keep us in your prayers.

Perry (Scott's father)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Social Services

Today I (Scott) spoke with a CPS worker. Laurie and I have been trying to get our daughter placed with family a member and get a family member approved for supervised visits. We could then see Cheyenne more often. The CPS worker stated that, even after Laurie's parents passed a background check, she does not feel "comfortable" with them supervising our visits.

So it seems to us at this point CPS will do or say whatever to keep us from seeing our daughter. We don't understand how CPS can deny family members the right to supervise if they meet all their requirements.

It seems to us that CPS doesn't care about us or our daughter! We don't believe that they're acting in Cheyenne's best interest either. They seem more concerned with their own preconceived notions. If the CPS workers actually considered all the evidence we've gathered thus far, this would not be happening.

Scott & Laurie

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Help us get our daughter back

My name is Scott Schjolin. My girlfriend ( Laurie Hammons) and I are going through court proceedings to get our daughter back.

We took our daughter to Simi Valley Hospital after noticing some slight swelling of her right elbow. They found the elbow had been broken. While taking additional x-rays, they learned that her left forearm had been fractured as well. The doctors there said they believe she has a bone disorder. She was transferred to Ventura County Hospital for surgery to repair her right elbow.

Other doctors there also said she had symptoms of a bone disorder called Osteogenisis Imperfecta (OI). Ventura Hospital also said they found two fractured ribs which the Simi doctors apparently missed. Only one doctor at Ventura said it was a non-accidental injury. That was the diagnosis that CPS decided to pursue. Now, Child Protective Services (CPS) is accusing us of child abuse.

We've hired attorney Kennith Warner to fight this case however he can only represent one of us. He his currently representing me (Scott). This all happened on the late evening of September 9th.

On September 14, 2007 the judge ordered CPS to place our daughter with a family member. As of today they have yet to comply.

We're looking for any kind of help we can get to get our daughter back. We are innocent of these allegations. We have a doctor that will do the tests for us however they are very expensive.

In the next week or two we will have an account set up to accept donations.

Please check back as we'll update this site with documentation from CPS, our attorney and medical reports as they become available. In the meantime, check out for more information on OI.